Colombia and the palm trees

Colombia is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. And among its great variety of habitats, animals and plants, stand out its palm trees. Its forests contain 258 species of palm trees, giving the country the first place in this category.
Being a country with such a large variety and quantity of palm trees brings many benefits in terms of biodiversity but also brings economic benefits. Mainly because the raw material extracted from the leaves, the palms, can be used for the manufacture of different products. That is why its preservation is everyone's business.

Curious fact: Palms are so important in Colombia that the national tree is the Wax Palm of QuindíoAlmaï acts in a sustainable way during the process which involves the elaboration of decorative articles based on vegetable fibers extracted from Colombian palm trees. Among them, Almaï is currently working with the Fique, the Iraca Palm and the Caña Flecha.
It also introduces recycled plastic, which offers a more modern aesthetic and encourages the responsible use of non-biodegradable materials.

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